Support Groups and Telling Co-Workers

Not even an hour ago, something in my brain prompted me to share with one of my co-workers that I was considering or 99.8 % sure that I was going to have weight loss surgery. Let me tell you, I was so afraid of her reaction but to my surprise she was totally supportive! My job can be a “mean girl” environment from time to time so this is one of the main places that I don’t plan on shouting my news from the rooftops.

As for the support groups, I posted on that I went to a support meeting regarding nutritional deficiencies and I was the ONLY person there. While it was nice to have all of my personal questions answered, it was really unnerving that something that is supposed to be such a vital step in my future was a bit of a flat line due to a lack of attendance. I asked them about how many surgeries they have performed and I was told that they are nearing 100. Then why is it that I haven’t met a single person that’s been through the process with them? I think it would be awesome to have some sort of patient advocate.

In case you’re wondering who I’m with I’m having my surgery with Dr. Chand at the Loyola Center for Metabolic Surgery.

So that’s my rant. The staff is all very accommodating and knowledgeable, so I definitely like the center a lot.  Next week is my 2nd appointment with the dietitian  I was told if she clears me. They will be sending my information to insurance and I’ll be receiving my tentative surgery date. I’m so excited and I’m just really ready for this to be here. For another chapter of my life to begin, let me be clear not for my life to begin, because I haven’t spent the last thirty years doing nothing. My life has been and is meaningful, who I am now is a lot. But like one of my favorite bloggers on ProofWLSWorks on Youtube said. I’m ready to be me, but the super concentrated version…

Watch out world!

P.s. I’ll also share in the upcoming days, a few running post from my other blog:


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