I wanted to share this because I think it serves as a reminder that regardless the amount of weight loss you will never truly look like the person standing besides you. So having WLS should not be about appearance or wanting to look like someone else. It truly needs to be a decision that is going to be for the betterment of health. I also post this with the following disclaimer, because I hate when people who receive this surgery don’t just say it. So here it is: Though I have many health related issues. I want this surgery because I want to look better in the clothes I wear and be physically smaller, and sometimes I just hate being the fat girl.” There it is folks. It’s the first and quite possibly the only time I’ll be saying it because I am all about self worth and I don’t trash myself, but I do try and keep it real! Til next time… 😉

Body, Mind & Sol

Marie Claire Sol Walkling70 kg is the current weight of the average Australian woman, according to a new study Marie Claire used for an article I was interviewed for. I roughly fit that criteria with my weight fluctuating a little depending on what’s going on in my life exercise and stress wise. Hence why I was interviewed.

While the feature wonderfully showed beautiful women of all heights, shapes and sizes, I wish it had included an article on body image. And not just a positive “isn’t-it-great-we-can-all-look-good-at-different-sizes” kind of articles but an honest, hardhitting one. One that would have taken a look at the comments made by my fellow models for the day  – about not being able to help comparing herself to the “real” model-  and – about constantly trying to lose weight or having been unhappy with weight in the past. I would have wished for an article that questioned what the…

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