I’m Gonna Cut Ya!

Silly title, yes.. I’m goofy when I’m excited. Why am I excited you ask?

Well I’ve had a tentative surgery date since my last doctors appointment but since I hadn’t been submitted for insurance approval, I didn’t want to count my chickens before they hatched.

So I’m excited to say that as of today, I am approved and scheduled for surgery on Wednesday, March 20th, 2013!

My insurance is bcbs-il ppo. The process was pretty seamless, which I’m going to account to my wonderful doctors office. From date of submission I was approved in 5 days.

Shake it, shake it, shake-shake-shake it! 🙂

I’m excited and nervous and excited !

Now there’s work to be done, getting in any last shopping and preparing for the pre-op diet, after all this is only 21 days from now. 3 Weeks! I also received a call from my nutritionist saying that I only have to do the pre-op full liquid diet for only 7 days, so that’s a little better on my head than 14-days. In case you’re wondering she said the length of time has been shortened because my BMI is under 50.

So that’s my news and I’m so grateful to share it with all of you!

Take Care!



9 thoughts on “I’m Gonna Cut Ya!

  1. Omg this is amazing!! Dana is going on the 8th(?) you the 20th, and me April 16th. Do you have a facebook? Send me a friend request @ Erika Loftin and I will add you to our group.

  2. Fantastic news, Sister in weight loss!
    Which op did you choose? RNY or sleeve? I’m RNY and I know several ‘sleevies’ from my support group. Both are greatly successful.
    I’m from the UK and always feel for my American cousins who have to pay or find insurance. We receive our operation, aftercare and all medication for free in the NHS (National Heath Service)
    I’m excited for you, and know that such a positive, focused lady like you will be delighted with your results. I’m sending you love and light to guide you on your fantastic journey xxx

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