It’s Here: Before Pictures

Hello Friends Old and New!

I hope that everyone is doing  great in whatever point of their journey they are in. I’ve been holding off on doing something, because I’ve been afraid. It’s no secret as to what my weight is, but I feel that with some shape wear and nice clothes those secrets don’t have to be know by the entire world.  

Recently my clothes are starting to fall off of my body and I’m having some omg moments as I look in the mirror. That being said I think that I need to honor my journey and my starting point, so that with every step I’ll always remember how far I’ve come. So here we go: 

Take Care!!



3 thoughts on “It’s Here: Before Pictures

  1. You are beautiful! And I’m so happy you put these on here… It’s nice to see your progress throughout and you may not notice in the mirror but compare old pics to new ones and you can really tell the difference. I’m so proud of you and excited for the rest of your journey!

    ❤ Your surgery sister! Hehe

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